So...My cat died in the early hours...I don't think it's really sunk in properly yet...Went shopping today just to try keep my mind off it and stuffs...
The longest I've been without her in my whole life is a week here and there...

I'm just so glad we didn't take her to the vets and she was allowed to go in her own time in her own home.

R.I.P Rolly <3

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I'm liking the new Lily AAllen Album...And how the snow makes the light reflect...

Uni yesterday was pretty damn boring, was just all info and stuffs but most of the info we, me and Lauren etc..., already knew...

We had today off, Ketterying Host site people had to go for an Occupatioanl Health thing at KGH, Northampton host people were suposed to be having some occ health thing today too but NGH didn't bother to sent the uni the info they needed so...
Just as well though, turns out the uni is shut today but we had no way of finding this out as they only put this info on Nile which we can't access yet because the uni are slow and hadn't got it sorted yet...We're gonna have to try get current students we know check Nile for us tomorrow and let us know if its open or not if it snows again/freezes...

There seems to be some nice people though which is good, everyone things this weeks is all pretty boring and can't wait to get to next week to get started with something and not just having to listen to more info over load...

I'm now waiting to go food shopping...Night try starting my car soon too and just leave it running for a bit...I bet the breaks have seized again as my dad didn't bother taking out for a bit of a run or even just moved it to a different parking spot like he said he would...Ugh...

Any way, I'm gonna go read some of the crap we got yesterday or something...



1. Go to the Wikipedia home page and click Random Article (on the side menu). That is your band's name.
2. Click random article again; that is your album name.
3. Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.

My Band's Name: Marine Ecosystem (haha, fitting for me :P)
Our First Album: Under The Net (:|)

Album Tracks:
1. Don Gillis
2. Tiffany, Wisconsin
3. Green Radio
4. Virginia
5. Rosie's Place
6. Hemoglobinopathy
7. Saddleback Clownfish (Haha)
8. Discovery
9. Ophiocoma Wendtii (:| It the lattin name for Brittle Starfish, what the hell is wiki on? It knows too much about me! :P)
10. Virus-like Particle
11. Peterhead Docks (haha, just down from Aberdeen where the mother is from!)
12. Sjogren Syndrome Antigen B (wtf?!! My mum has SS! :| This is getting creepy...)
13. About Face
14. Animal Crossing
15. Late Night Talk

:| That was scary...Ekkk

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CRPS/RSD in ghey! School is ghey and the GP's/Rheumy's are also ghey...Still no blood test results...Nice...

That is all...


4ft Tank 12/07/08

4ft Tank 12/07/08
Originally uploaded by Emily-TheStrange

A newer shot of mum 4ft tank, we got some new corals and a sponge, the colourful ones, for mum's tank yesterday :)

I luffs it lots, the sponge has moved to the other side of the tank now but it's just all so wow! lol

Shall post some more pics...Want to find out if I can post more than one pic through this Flickr thingy...


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Copied from Matt:

Please sign this petition


What it's about: Virgin media and other ISPs are currently negotiating with Internet “content providers” such as the BBC, Google and MSN to provide a 'fast lane' for their media content to be downloaded by users through.

What this essentially means is Virgin are charging you AND the website you're viewing for your Internet connection. This provides no benefit to the user, your download speed will still be limited to some figure below the speed you are paying for, all it does is provide another way for Virgin to line their pockets.

The real downside to all this however, is smaller websites, such as any website you create yourself, smaller businesses', musicians' and individuals' websites will be relegated to a lower speed connection.

This is unfair as any website on the Internet already has to pay for it's connection, it shouldn't have to pay ISPs for THEIR Internet connection at the other end just to guarantee a decent download speed for it's users.

The Internet is supposed to be a free place for people to communicate. ISPs shouldn't be allowed the right to effectively control who gets to do that.
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World Record!

Help break a world record and get yourself a certificate for doing so too :)
Download Day 2008

All you need to do is download it, you don't need to install it or anything but every download will help!

So yep, get downloading people! UK have until 6.00pm Wednesday/Tomorrow!